Monitoring and Correction

Monitoring and Correction

NPS has established a system to monitor information related to customer perception about NPS’s ability to meet or exceed customer requirements.

This includes handling of customer complaints on a top priority basis as well as contacting customers by various means to assess his satisfaction level for the products / services provided by NPS.

NPS is monitoring and measuring product / service characteristics to conform requirements are met. Inspection, monitoring, measuring and testing activities are carried out at various stages of product / service realization.

All records are being maintained as evidence indicating the personnel authorizing product/service release. System has been defined not to allow release of any product/service unless planned arrangement for monitoring and measurement have been carried out or the release has been authorized by a competent authority / customer.

NPS has established suitable actions at appropriate stages of the whole QHSE Management System to monitor and measure performance of each and every element of QHSE Management System.

The QHSE MS audits are conducted at planned interval by qualified internal and external auditors.  Identified nonconformities are investigated and corrected by taking actions to mitigate their consequences.  Corrective and preventive actions are evaluated and its effectiveness is reviewed to ensure prevention of recurrence.

Data collected during formal and reviews and audits as well as from other sources are subject to analysis.  The analysis of data provide information related to customer satisfaction, conformity to product requirements, characteristics and trends of process, products, and suppliers, effectiveness of the control for health and safety, deficiencies in performance etc.

Various controls have been specified in each process to assess existing situation, find out improvement areas and to take suitable action (s) to eliminate mistakes if any to enhance the effectiveness of the system to bring efficiency. Both qualitative and quantitative measures, appropriate to the needs of NPS are taken to monitor the extent to which NPS’s QHSE Objectives & Targets have been met.

Proactive measures of performance that monitor compliance with the QHSE Programs are taken along with reactive measures of performance to monitor accidents, incidents, ill health, near-misses and other historical evidence of deficient QHSE performance. Records of these monitoring and measurement activities are being taken as inputs for deciding corrective / preventive action (s).