Competency Development

Competency Development

We have ensured that the personnel performing any operations affecting quality, health, safety and environment are competent and are selected to perform work on the basis of their education, training, skills and experience.

We have ensured and take all steps to:

  • Determine the necessary competence for the personnel performing work affecting conformity to product requirements. Where applicable, provide training or take other actions to achieve the necessary competence.

  • Make all employees aware of the QHSE consequences, actual or potential, of their work activities, their behavior, the QHSE benefits of improved personal performance; their roles and responsibilities; and importance in achieving conformity to the QHSE policy and procedures and to the requirements of the QHSE management system, including emergency preparedness and response requirements. Also make them aware of potential consequences of departure from specified procedures.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training provided or actions taken.

  • Ensure that all personnel are awareness of the relevance and importance of their activities as well as their contribution to achieve overall Objectives and Targets.