The Cement Bond Log (CBL) service provides a detailed evaluation of the cement bond to casing and formation in a wide range of pipe sizes and borehole fluid environments. This evaluation reduces uncertainties regarding the quality of the hydraulic isolation of producing zones, allowing more efficient completion operations at minimum costs. The CBL Tool provides a customary 3’ and 5’ Bond Log. It will also allow a Gamma Ray, Neutron and Collar Logs to be run concurrently.

Data Presentation- The primary log presentation is a conventional log, displaying the CBL 3`Amplitude, gamma ray, casing collar locator (CCL), and the VDL or signature waveform presentation.

Tool Applications:

  • cementing evaluation
  • cement top evaluation
  • free pipe detection
  • squeeze cementing effectiveness checking

Technical Data

Tool Length: 3.38 m (133.15")
Tool Diameter: 43 mm (1-11/16")
Tool Weight: 18 kg (39.7 lbs)
Pressure Rating: 103.4 MPa (15 000 psi)
Temperature Rating: 200°C (400°F)
Power: 100 VDC / 40 mA Single conductor GO cablehead
Output Signal: analog acoustic signal
Transmitter: magnetostrictive
Receivers: piezocrystals
Measuring Range: 2-3/8” tubing to 7" casing
Measuring Point:
3' Spacing: 1.230 m (48.4") from the bottom
5' Spacing: 0.925 m (36.4") from the bottom





Mandrel P/N 1194.0000


Electronics P/N 1215.0000