Perforating Torch Cutter

Perforating Torch Cutter (PTC) 

THE PERFORATING TORCH CUTTER* tool effectively perforate coil tubing, tubing, casing and drill pipe without the use of explosives or hazardous chemicals. When running a RADIAL CUTTING TORCH job that requires adequate flow into the annulus, explosive perforators and punchers are unreliable at producing a consistent and sufficient hole in pipe. The short comings of explosive punchers can have a dramatic effect on the success or failure of an RCT cut. NPS’s line of punchers allow operators to perforate with confidence while relying on the field proven technology that the RCT delivers.

Typical PTC Toolstring

PTC’s* are available for:

  • Standard applications.
  • Undersized for restrictions.
  • HP-HT environments.
  • Custom tools available.


  • Non-explosive solution to cut or punch tubulars.
  • The plasma produces local heating with the Aluminum.
  • Oxide particles abrading the softened metal in half.
  • Large extended reach cutting envelope able to pass through restrictions.
  • Maximum Operating Range is 500°F & 15000 psi.
  • Slim hole tools to allow for tubular restrictions.
  • Cuts Difficult Alloy, High Chrome content, Hastalloy, Monel.
  • Inconel, Plastic coated and Cement Lined tubulars.
  • Yields flare-free and burr-free cuts; and Certified Radio Safe.

Perforating Table
 Perforation Examples 

* PTC is a licensed product of MCR Oil Tools