All of the Production Logging tools (PLT) are available in the form of a simultaneous PLT string or separate sensors. NPS is continuously working with new designs in order to provide the well logging market with up-to-date technology and better logging techniques.

The tool string consists of the following sensors:

  • XTU
  • Gamma Ray
  • Combined Quartz Pressure & Casing Collar Locator (QPC)
  • Fluid Density (FDI)
  • Capacitance/Temperature/Flow (CTF)
  • Production Dual Caliper (X-Y)
  • In-line Spinner Flowmeter
  • Caged Fullbore Flowmeter (6arm CFBM)
  • Tool string digital communication fully compatible with Warrior data acquisition system – no additional hardware or software required
  • Simple mechanical and electrical design
  • Flexibility and reliability in downhole sensors combination
  • 43mm (1-11/16”) O.D
  • 177°C (350F) operating temperature, 15,000 PSI (103.4MPa)
  • Supported by KAPPA production logging analysis software package for an easy and accurate flow profile determination

PLT Wireline